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Indignant Abuse of Consumer Trust by Charlatans and Internet Fairies - Growshop Investigates Anti Anzac Spirit thievery Please Help

Posted by Wayne Barlow on

Dear fellow Kiwis

Unfortunately during these testing times growshop.co.nz has become aware that a good Anzac friend of many years is being ripped off and so are You  !!

We find this disgusting and highly repugnant that another man’s hard work is being stolen by Internet Fairies and Charlatans right here in New Zealand. These common thieves are also stealing your money for their own gains while supplying you with inferior Patent offending products.

The products which can be simply put should be 10% of the price they are being sold for because that’s about how incomparable the product you are being sold is.

Growshop Limited, the owners of growshop.co.nz, have received instruction from the Patent owners Legal team to thoroughly investigate all cases of this offending within New Zealand.

We ask for your help to stamp out this theft and abuse of your trust on our shores.

If you have purchased any product in New Zealand in a physical store or via the internet that you believed was an equal or even was an original AdjustAwings product, but isn’t actually genuine.

Check out here  https://www.adjustawings.com/

Also follow here to see if any unit you have purchased is similar and you believe is a copy https://growshop.co.nz/collections/lighting/Adjust%C2%A0a%C2%A0Wings

There are many patent infringements in the design and the materials are inferior.

They can’t be compared, It’s like comparing a 1967 Ford Anglia with a 2020 Ford Shelby GT500 simply not even close.

The Adjustawings Avenger Reflectors are made of expensive glass coated Italian Alloys.

The Defender range is made of H18 aircraft grade aluminium not cheap base grade Chinese steel powder coated poorly. We could go on but we will leave it to you to judge what you have been sold.

If what you have has genuine Adjustawings markings you will be fine, if not you’ve been conned.

If you have any concerns please read on and we will investigate every incident we are made aware of.

If you find a match of this offending Please email cst@growshop.co.nz with the following information:

Your name contact details

Copy of the receipt of your inferior purchase or Screenshot of this product being sold within NZ now or to you at any time.

A photo of the product you purchased and where this was purchased (date time) etc or as much information on your purchase as you can supply

growshop.co.nz in association with Hygro International the owners of Adjustawings will compensate you for your help. We will review on a case by case basis what you have been sold and what you believed you were buying. We will then either replace, compensate or commiserate, but whatever it takes to bring this repugnant robbery of Consumers and friends to an end. Please be aware these cheap knock offs can be dangerous if you have been sold a DE - Double Ended reflector wing we suggest you turn it off right NOW!. The cables on this unit running end to end we believe have no or insufficient insulation on High voltage lamp holder cables. That’s just crazy and that’s why you pay a man for his hard work and 30 years of development of High end High performance products.

We also ask you Don’t support this ongoing thievery by facetious conmen, think about it, is it right to help a Kiwi who is just taking fellow Kiwi’s for a ride for their own benefit ?

We operate from both Bricks and mortar physical shops, with staff in them and online for your convenience. Not just some mythical internet based store that’s popped up from nowhere like a bad rash, operated by trolls.

Thanks for your Help and Stay safe we are Kiwi’s we can do anything !

The Staff, Shareholders, and Directors of growshop.co.nz who are all just hardworking 100% Kiwi’s

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