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Are we Kiwi's

Posted by Cross Sell on

growshop.co.nz would like to confirm we are and always have been 100% owned and operated by Kiwi’s 😊 

There seems to be some misinformation being posted on Facebook and social media by a competitor of Growshop.co.nz and allegations have been made, we strongly refute these false allegations. 

All shares held in growshop.co.nz are owned and controlled by Kiwi’s, all Growshop.co.nz shareholders have New Zealand Birth certificates and passports. 

While it’s true one shareholder currently resides in Australia, they are still an Aotearoa New Zealand citizen Just because a Kiwi decides to live in Australia does that make them an Australian ? we think not. 

This same shareholder operates several businesses in NZ and owns several properties in NZ, they only recently returned to Australia as their main residence after spending many years living in New Zealand. 

This business lodged this same complaint in 2020 with Commerce commission, after reviewing the complaint the commerce commission contacted us on 25th June 2020 stating “We have done a preliminary assessment of this complaint. Based on what we have found, we do not intend to further investigate the complaint made against you. However, we are writing to you to bring this complaint to your attention” obviously this business thinks they are a higher authority than the Commerce Commission… and really should grow up. 

They have also made some wild and incorrect claims that Growshop.co.nz are paying tax in Australia…. back to school buddy Growshop.co.nz’s taxes are fully paid in New Zealand to IRD go check with them if you want….why are we explaining things to them we don’t know 🙄🤷‍♂️ 

PS offender: If your company breaches our suppliers patents selling unpatented inferior copies we will let people who email us  know, it’s in the customers interest to get the facts right we say !!

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