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The Adjust-A-Wings brand has been a mainstay of the indoor horticultural lighting world for almost thirty years. Beginning with the iconic double-parabolic reflector, the company founder Mr. Paul Cronk BSc, transformed the indoor gardening scene in Australia at a time when the only reflectors available were inefficient, angular and crude. Paul’s first major brainwave was the ‘double-parabolic’ shape which both dissipates heat from the lamp and produces a beautiful, mathematically uniform light distribution over the plant canopy. The results literally transformed growers’ expectations and set the bar for all other reflectors.

Since these early beginnings, the passion-driven innovation combined with good old fashioned word-of-mouth have been key to Adjust-A-Wings’ continual growth and success. It is out of this success the Hellion DE & CMH ranges were born combining the high-reflectivity of Adjust-A-Wings Defender reflectors with a custom-paired premium electronic ballast and lamp. Now the latest advancement is the HELLION VS3: LED Horticultural Lighting 

Never ones to jump on the commercial bandwagon, Adjust-A-Wings watched with guarded interest as the first LED fixtures entered the marketplace. As the technology matured to a point where real gains and advantages to the hobby grower became realistic, they announced the release of the HELLION VS3 LED series—a family of four cutting-edge LED grow lights with a host of special benefits.

Combining multiple drivers, industry-leading Samsung, OSRAM, and SEOUL diodes, and micro-reflectors on the top of each light bar, indoor growers could really take control of their plants by altering the spectrum. They basically combined the very latest understandings in plant science and photobiology with the world’s most efficient LED light sources to create a truly outstanding LED grow light.