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Reflective & Panda Films

flective films will enhance your grow light efficiency and performance, it also creates a uniform clean growing area. 

Panda film White one side Black on the other works well as a economical reflective film reflecting around 90% of light. It is also has many other uses in Greenhouses and situations where a liner is required.

Mylar is a Highly reflective film, 2 Mil grade is Light proof - Durable, puncture and tear resistant providing 97% reflectivity 

Diamond Silver film is another Highly reflective film providing 97% reflectivity. It has a uniform diamond pattern designed to help with a more even light reflection distribution and reduce "Hot Spots". It is substantially thicker and stronger than standard Mylar film with it's White PET backing

No matter which film you choose all 3 products Mylar, Diamond Silver and Panda Film are suitable for greenhouses, grow tents, grow rooms and just about any walls, ceilings and floors