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NFT Gully & Parts

Nutrient Film Technique known as NFT systems are popular and versatile hydroponics systems. NFT uses a water pump to deliver nutrient rich water into one end of a plastic gully which then flows down the gully using gravity and collects in a reservoir. This is then recycled and pumped back down the gully via the water pump and round and round it goes. This means in a NFT system the nutrient solution is continuously flowing over the plants roots. The gully should be placed on a slight angle to allow the water to flow down towards the reservoir. The usual rule of thumb is a 10mm drop in gully height per 1 metre length of gully. The nutrient solution should flow in a thin film over the roots, ensuring that they are watered and fed but not completely soaked. The thin film ensures that the upper part of the roots will remain dry and have access to oxygen in the air. Nutrient Film Technique works best if you use plants that do not require a lot of support and are fast growing plants like lettuces and leafy greens that can be harvested quickly. If you want to grow plants such as tomatoes or squash, just make sure that you have proper support systems in place such as trellises. Remember the roots are not suspended in a growing medium in this system, so they cannot handle supporting a lot of weight from a top-heavy plant.