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Are you using a Nutrient mixed in an old bucket in some ones garage ?

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10 Chances to win $100 worth of CX Horticulture products

Don’t be fooled not all nutrients are the same.

Some are just a standard commercial hydroponic mix stirred in an old bucket in some ones garage, thrown in an unsterilized bottle and given an enticing name to impress you, where at CX the names are only the beginning. All CX products are performance based the name is just a name.

CX Horticulture use the latest Hot Mix technology manufacturing processes, is engineered by a highly qualified Kiwi horticulturist and qualified horticultural chemist and then manufactured at the CX state of the art production facility in Australia. This product not only undergoes numerous quality checks on the way through the factory, it is made in specific batches for different regions around the world. This why CX is number ONE in product value, quality and performance.

If you want more product information we suggest you check out the CX UK website here: https://cxhorticulture.co.uk/

If you need a CX nutrient calculator go here : https://cxhorticulture.co.uk/calculator/

The calculator is simple and easy to use and adjust to suite your requirements.

This means what the calculator tells you is what you will get its CX guaranteed

CX not just some general mix greenhouse formula designed as just that general, it might be even ok but certainly not Great or Awesome 😊 With CX there is no Ok or average !

Check out our CX additive range here: https://growshop.co.nz/collections/nutrients/CX%C2%A0Additives

Check out Cx Nutrient Range here: https://growshop.co.nz/collections/nutrients/cx-nutrients

Anyone who Likes our Facebook page or already Likes our page by the 31st of May goes in the draw to win One of Ten $100 CX vouchers that can be redeemed on our website.


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