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Wick Green 90mm x 80mm

Wick Green 90mm x 80mm

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Wick Green 90mm x 80mm

Wick net pots are ideal for Deep water Culture (DWC), nutrient film (NFT) - Gully systems, Aeroponics, Ebb & Flow hydroponic systems and Passive Wick hydroponic systems

They support seedlings and cuttings well, their open net configuration promotes drainage and aeration of roots, which is crucial in hydroponic systems. This also allows roots to grow through the net pot to reach the nutrient solution faster & easier.

With a strong plastic construction, they can be reused from growing cycle to cycle after being cleaned and sterilized

Measurements: 90mm to outside of top lip and 80mm to the inside of top lip

55mm to the outside of the bottom of the wick and 45mm to the inside

80mm total height

Total volume approx 250ml