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Water Heater Glass 300w - 330mm Long - Aquaone

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300w Water Heater Glass 330mm Aquaone

Aqua One Glass Heaters make it easy to maintain the correct temperature, by providing accurate adjustable temperature and exceptional durability. Maintaining correct water temperature is an essential requirement for keeping hydroponic plants happy and healthy

Quality and economical heater completely submersible with double insulation

Heater thermostat with easy to use temperature settings, temperature range from 20°C - 34°C

Automatic shut off and ‘on’ light

Select the proper wattage heater for your reservoir, normally 1 watt will heat 1 litre of water. For example a 200W heater is required for a 180 to 200L reservoir.

Position the heater in the reservoir the best position is near a strong water flow. Use the suction caps provided to fasten the heater to the reservoir. Suction caps should be positioned on the top third of the heater not on the heating element. Do not plug the heater in unless submersed in water.

Always allow 10-15 minutes for the heater to acclimate to the reservoir temperature before plugging the unit in.

Plug the power cord into the power socket and arrange a “drip loop” and turn on.

To set the heater, use the purple control knob at the top of the heater to adjust to the desired temperature. Continue turning the knob until the preferred temperature is displayed in the window on the front of the heater.

A light will come on when the heater is working, It will switch off when it reaches the set temperature.

You can confirm your set temperature with an accurate thermometer. The thermometer should be placed at the opposite end of the reservoir to the heater. A small variation between the heater’s set temperature and the thermometers reading is normal.

Always disconnect the heaters power supply prior to working on the reservoir hardware

If removing the heater from the reservoir, turn it off at the power supply, wait 5-10 minutes to allow it to cool, and then remove it.

If the heater is cracked and/or has moisture inside it, turn the power off at the main power supply, unplug the unit and remove it from the reservoir.

Do not operate your Aqua One heater when it is not submerged in water. The water level must be maintained at the minimum water level line at all times.

What temperature should my nutrient solution be?

The best temperature is between 17°C and 21°C. Any lower and growth will slow down and any higher and you will start to deprive the solution of oxygen. During summer, it is sometimes difficult to keep temperatures low enough. Generally, you will need to aerate the solution if the water temperature gets too high. The absolute maximum solution temperature is 32°C. Above this and the plant will begin to suffer. During winter, in most places, heating the solution is necessary