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Tuff Grass Lawn Seed 500 Gram Yates

Tuff Grass Lawn Seed 500 Gram Yates

  • $18.00

Tuff Grass Lawn Seed 500 Gram Yates

Yates Tuffgrass is suitable for all lawns and play areas where resistance to wear and tear, together with value for money are important. An ideal mixture for oversowing in spring or autumn.


  • Resistance to Wear & Tear
  • Easy to establish – germinates in 7 days
  • Perfect for play areas
  • Contains fungicide & bird repellent

ACTive-GRO Coating Technology

Yates Lawn Seed is specially designed to make it easier to establish new, or rejuvenate existing, lawns from seed.

We start with professional quality turf type seed and then optimise its performance with our ACTive-GRO Advanced Coating. Using the latest in coating technology, seed is treated with a lightweight film coating that protects against fungal disease and bird theft.

Choosing Yates Lawn Seed With ACTive-GRO coating is the first step to ensuring you grow a thick, lush and beautiful lawn.

Suitable for

Playgrounds and high traffic areas


Perennial Ryegrass & Chewings Fescue