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Timer 24 Hour Digital - HPM D817 Slim

  • $18.00

Timer 24 Hour Digital - HPM D817 Slim

Control your equipment with this 24 hour digital plug in timer. Great for garden accessories, lighting, cooling, heating and other household accessories.

Can also be used via the Countdown time delay feature: enables you to switch an appliance ON or OFF after a chosen period of time.

The Time Switch has a built in, rechargeable battery. If a power failure occurs or the unit is removed from the mains outlet, the rechargeable battery will power the time switch avoiding the loss of any preset programs. 

When using on HID Lighting equipment we recommend halving the standard timer rating due to the high resistive start up current required with HID lighting.

This timer will work with an HID lighting load of up to 1200w, if you load this timer with more than 1200w you run the risk of the internal contacts being damaged and may weld themselves shut on permanently. 

  • 16 On / Off programs with 1 minute switching increments
  • In-built rechargeable battery maintains programs in the event of power failure
  • 240 volt, 10 amp non resistive load rating

Note: The rechargeable battery is a not replaceable and the battery will not provide power to any appliance during a power failure.