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Thickener & Flower Expander 1 Litre

  • $69.00

Thickener & Flower Expander 1 Litre 

Contains only Naturally derived ingredients absolutely NO nasty chemicals

Can be used in all growing mediums and systems

Dilution Ratio 

Use 2.5ml to a maximum of 3.5ml per Litre of mixed ready to use nutrient solution for the first 4 1/2weeks of a plants flowering cycle

NPK 1-1.5-2.8

Thickener and Flower expander is formulated using the latest technology and techniques available in organic additive manufacturing. The optimum in natural flower enhancement gives gardeners a product that achieves results far beyond what nature intended. When it comes to bloom stimulators, Thickener gives you the ability to achieve extraordinary yields from a totally safe and completely natural product. Thickener contains only natural plant hormones, fulvic vitamins, kelp and other complex organics, bolstering the plants metabolic process pushing it to yields that had been previously unobtainable with organic based products

- Triggers and Increases flower sites and production leading to increased floral development

- Stimulates your plants Krebs cycle 

- Contains natural micro nutrient enzyme activators and only naturally occuring plant growth regulators 

- Enhances your yield by up to 40%

- Increases your plants essential oil production, cell wall permeability and disease resistance