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Tanlin Treatment CX 20ml

Tanlin Treatment CX 20ml

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Tanlin Treatment CX 20ml

TaNLiN is a highly effective root zone tonic helping keep everything on track and problem free. Suits any type of plant in any type of system. 

If your root zone is not fresh and healthy and free of problems this will have a negitive effect on your plants performance condition and your crop. Use Tanlin to keep your Root zone in great condition 

  • Extremely concentrated – 1 ml makes 100 Litres
  • Safe to use with any nutrient regiment
  • Will not affect beneficial microorganisms
  • Non-toxic and completely inert; does not interact with the plant in any way
  • TaNLiN, like all other CX Horticulture products, is designed specifically for consumable crops
  • TaNLiN is plant, pet and people safe


As a maintenance, add TaNLiN to your regular feed program every 7 days at 1 ml (40 drops) per 100 Litres for intensive treatment use TaNLiN every 3-4 Days

Soil/Coco: Mix 2 drops per 4 Litres of water. Thoroughly drench growing medium.

Recirculating systems: Add to your nutrient tank at 1 ml (40 drops) of TaNLiN per 100 Litres.

If your medium is not completely saturated by your watering system, thoroughly saturate your medium by hand watering with TaNLiN. 

  • Even saturation greatly increases the effectiveness of TaNLiN.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide will greatly reduce the effectiveness of TaNLiN.
  • You cannot overfeed with TaNLiN and can use at any stage of growth.
  • Must be stored between 2 – 22 Degrees, refrigerate if necessary but Do Not freeze.