Super Si 250ml

Super Si 250ml

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How does SuperSi work?

This innovative solution encourages incredibly efficient silicate particle uptake without influencing your pH


Plants absorb Si from the solution in the form of monosilicic acid (h4 SiO4)

SuperSi provides ultra absorbable silicic acid in higher concentrations than previous possible

Silicon will increase defence mechanisms against pest and disease, encourage stronger stem & leaf cell growth, shorter internodal positioning, improved resistance to heat & cold stress whilst also providing significantly larger fruit & floral growth.

Organic Silicon is provided through natural beneficial bacterial interactions in soil. We accelerated this natural process to seriously enhance your crops!

SuperSi is the ultimate hydroponic or soil growth booster! 

*Although rapidly accelerated and powerful plant growth will occur; SuperSi contains NO synthetic PGRs or harmful chemicals.



Silicon naturally occurs in extremely high concentrations in all soils. Silicic acid allows for unprecedented growth rates as small compounds are rapidly absorbed



Silicic acid aids in plant structure; reducing stretching and allowing for more compact, heavier & healthier floral growth.



SuperSi adds a layer of defence from pest and disease, and drastically increases plant resistance to environmental stresses such as heat, drought and cold.



SuperSi has been engineered for cost efficiency! Our unique formulation uses new manufacturing techniques so you only need to use 1.5mL per 10L for amazing results!



Using SuperSi at 3mL per 10L at the start of the floral cycle drastically reduces plant height whilst heavily increasing floral sites and flower density (SuperSi contains NO ‘PGR's



SuperSi provides improved cell structure for stronger vascular tissue (xylem & phloem) which increases efficiency of other nutrient transportation throughout the plant.


Can I use SuperSi in my garden?

Yes! SuperSi can be used in all hydroponic, coco, rockwool and soil gardens. SuperSi is ideal for both recirculating and run-to-waste systems. It can be added to any existing fertiliser regime. SuperSi can be used as a foliar spray. SuperSi is ultra soluble so is also suitable for aeroponics. 

Whats the best way to use SuperSi?

Always make sure to add SuperSi before other nutrients and additives, All silicon compounds are generally more reactive in water, so it’s best practice to add Si to your reservoir before your A & B nutrient or other additives. SuperSi is extremely concentrated, be sure to carefully measure the correct dosage for your selected crops. SuperSi can also be extremely effective as a foliar spray 

Are the little bubbles normal?

Yes, as the ortho-silicic acid converts into monomer form bubbles may form on the surface of your reservoir. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal and non-harmful! 

Does SuperSi contain any ‘PGR’s?

No! Although SuperSi causes unbelievable growth rates and can also cause reduction of stretching (when used at 3mL per 10L), SuperSi contains zero harmful hormones, synthetic chemicals or dangerous growth regulating substances. SuperSi harnesses the power of nature and science to encourage effective silicon use, an essential building block for crop success!