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Spotless Concentrate 20ml - Spray Safe Makes 1 Litre CX

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Spotless Concentrate 20ml - Spray Safe Makes 1 Litre CX

Clean your plants, prevent or remove certain causes of leaf spots including Spider mites

Spotless is safe to humans and animals and doesn't contain any dangerous chemicals. In fact, it is no more dangerous in its concentrate form than household detergent. In its diluted form it is absolutely safe. As it is a non chemical spray there will never be any resistance issues as there can be with chemical sprays.  

Best used as soon as lights have gone out, to avoid rapid evaporation. Simply mix 20ml of CX Horticulture Spotless Concentrate with 1 Litre of clean water and add to a spray bottle. Spray each plant ensuring complete coverage above and below the leaf. Repeat this after 3 days and again after 6 days to ensure a complete cure.

- No chemicals

- No poisons

- Spray right up to harvest 

Spotless is absolutely safe to humans and animals. There is no withholding period. One of the big challenges you will face as an indoor gardener is the constant attacks by pests and diseases and keeping your plants clean and free of them.. The most serious pest you are likely to see is the two spotted mite or spider mite. This pest is also known as red spider, red spider mite, or sometimes red mite. They are called spider mites because in heavy infestations they spin webs on the plant. Hidden beneath the leaves of your plants, they carry out their work with deadly efficiency. They are tiny creatures, barely visible to the naked eye, but they pack a mean punch. With the right conditions, just one pair of mites getting on to your plants can build up to over 10,000 within a month. As it only takes five mites per leaf for the plant to start suffering the effects, you can see the problem. Left untreated, these mites will quickly destroy your plants and any hope you have of getting a crop. Before the introduction of Spotless, they could only be controlled by very toxic pesticides. Months of work can be ruined in a very short time. We have seen growers lose crop after crop to these pests so that they eventually had to give up growing. Spider mites are so common, now, that it is not a matter of IF your crops will be attacked but WHEN. 

What are the effects? Well, the first effect is an alteration of the plant’s metabolism. There is also injury to the leaf cuticle causes water stress and reduced ability to utilize light. In severe cases of injury, it is necessary to reduce the light intensity as not only is the extra light wasted, it also stresses the leaves as they also lose their ability to cool themselves down when they have been injured by mites. Once the injury has occurred it cannot be repaired. If it occurs early in the plant’s life, then you can at least grow them on for a bit longer to replace the leaf area that has been lost. If the damage occurs in the bloom period then nothing can be done but accept a loss of production. You do not need to risk your crops any more. Examine your plants twice a week and if you have any suspicion what so ever that you may have spider mite then you need to act. There are some toxic sprays occasionally available but a far healthier option is Spotless. It is an organic based non toxic and highly effective alternative to toxic remedies. In fact, independent studies have shown that Spotless kills mites up to 30 times quicker than conventional sprays and is far more effective than any other organic product. Spotless is also effective for the control of aphids. Don’t wait until you have spider mites. Keep a bottle handy so you can act as soon as your crop is attacked.

Quick Recap- Spray just before the lights go out, if the Mites are webbing use a coarse sprayer to penetrate the web's, make sure you spray the undersides of leaves and right into any new growth, you may notice some leaf die backthis is normal often the leavesare already dieing from the intial attack, just like fleas, mites have a cycle so it pays to spray again in 3 to 4 days to kill any new baby mites, if you have any spray left over spray your tent seems, zips, cracks and corners or your rooms corners, cracks etc