SilikaMajic 250ml Flairform

SilikaMajic 250ml Flairform

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SilikaMajic 250ml Flairform

Silica additive for enhancing plant weight & strength

Use only .1 to .2ml per Litre

Why growers like SilikaMajic:

  • SilikaMajic is shelf stable for over 10 years. This guarantees performance. Did you know many silica brands* are useless within 6 months of manufacture?
     *As determined by the internationally recognised 'molybdosilicate' analytical method.
  • Produces healthier & stronger plant growth:  Once silica is taken up by the roots, it is deposited in the plant’s cell walls as a solid, rigid 'quartz-like' matrix.  This produces a ‘mechanically’ stronger plant which enables superior leaf orientation and therefore greater rates of photosynthesis and growth.
  • Increases weight & shelf-life of fruit:   Accumulation of silica in plant cells increases cell weight and integrity.
  • Increases plant tolerance to heat stress (wilting).
  • Improves the healing rate and neatness of pruning wounds:   This property is especially beneficial in commercial cropping of plants such as tomato and cucumber where regular pruning threatens the plant's survival due to the risk of disease ingress.
  • SilikaMajic contains 26% Potassium Silicate (NPK  0-0-15).
  • Multilingual label
  • Silika Majic ensures hydroponically grown plants have the same menu of macro nutrients available to them as plants grown in soil.


    Super concentrated - 20% soluble, reactive silica (4ml per 10 litres produces 80ppm silica)
    Totally soluble silica - unlike most other hydroponic silica products, all of the silica present in SilikaMajic is in the reactive and mobile form. This ensures that when SilicaMajic is placed in your nutrient tank all the silica will be available to the roots of your plants.
    Highly stable- Indefinite shelf life. A problem with aqueous solutions of silica is that they can be, and generally are, highly unstable and once precipitated they will not redissolve in a nutrient solution. However, no such problems exist with Silika Majic.
    Contains no sodium or nuisance chemicals
    Suitable for all media (NFT, Rockwool, Expanded Clay etc.) and all system types (recirculating and non-recirculating)