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Shiitake - Chilli Drying Rack - Hanging 600mm Medium

Shiitake - Chilli Drying Rack - Hanging 600mm Medium

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Shiitake - Chilli Drying Rack - Hanging 600mm Medium


Has 6 seperate levels


This is the best way to dry your Shiitake mushrooms or Chillies


Place your Shiitake mushrooms or Chillies on your rack hanging in a dry, well ventilated room.


Within several weeks, you will have dried chili peppers and you can then grind them up or use them as ornaments as desired.


When drying shiitake mushrooms, you need to have the appropriate environment. While it may take a longer time to dry shiitake mushrooms this way, this is the best natural way if you want to preserve the flavor and potency well.


The area must be non-humid otherwise, your mushrooms may just rot, instead of drying up.

 - Cut the mushrooms into ½” pieces or right down the middle, depending on the shape.

 - Lay the mushrooms down in the drying rack and avoid stacking them one on top of one another.

 - Check several times during the day to see how the mushrooms are doing. Complete drying may be achieved in one or two days.


Depending on your enviroment there’s a possibility that your shiitake mushrooms will not fully dry up. You’ll know after a day or two when you see that the mushrooms may be somewhat dry, but still a bit flexible or possess a rubbery feel.


When this happens, finish the job using a dehydrator or oven. Check frequently as it will not take too long to completely dry the mushrooms at this point.


Using a fan


Like heat, moving air can also help get rid of moisture. You can pair this method with your drying rack;


 - Place a fan near the rack with the shiitake mushrooms ready to go get the fan as near to the rack as possible without blowing the mushrooms away.

 - Check often throughout the day to gauge the progress of the drying process

 - This method may not make your mushrooms completely dry and you may need to finish the job by slightly heating in an oven

Storing Dried Shiitake Mushrooms


After the drying process, store the shiitake mushrooms in airtight containers.


Keep the containers in a dark, cool place, and away from direct sunlight.


Likewise, never leave the dried mushrooms in the open, or anywhere moist or wet.


This way, you can preserve the mushrooms for as long as nine months.