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Rockwool Slab 900mm x 300mm x 75mm Grodan

  • $25.00

Rockwool Slab 900mm x 300mm x 75mm Grodan 

The uniform structure guarantees a continuous development of roots throughout the slab.

pH & EC - CF can be modified effortlessly 

Enables roots to absorb sufficient water and nutrients under all conditions which ensures uniform crop development

Care should be taken when handling rockwool by wearing gloves and mask. The rockwool fibres can cause irritation to the skin, and if breathed in they can also irritate the lungs.

Rockwool is a mineral wool made from molten basalt and limestone rock that is spun into fibres and then compressed into cubes, blocks or slabs. 

Grodan ™ is an economical product and is an excellent choice for hydroponic pots, planters outdoor containers or raised garden beds. A loose granulate and works well on its own or mixed with other loose media such as expanded clay pellets and soil. If using Grodan as a soil amendment, it improves aeration, reduces compaction and aids in moisture retention. It’s especially beneficial to growers located in warmer dryer climates.

1. Don’t squeeze the Rockwool especially when it’s wet.

2. Always pre-condition Rockwool in pH 5.5 water before using to disolve lime.

3. Pre-soak from 30 seconds to 30 minutes, depending on size of Rockwool.

4. Water only when there’s light - never water in the dark.

5. Optimum room temperature for growing environment is 18.5- 28 for most species. Temperatures above 26.7o C inside the growing media leads to depleted oxygen levels, encouraging root disease.

6. With low light, water with more volume with fewer cycles - and visa versa.

7. Do NOT keep Rockwool sopping wet. lots of algae is a sign of over watering. Minimize watering while plant is young. Too much water prevents root setting which is essential for growing a healthy plant.

The Grodan Classic Multi Year stone wool slab  for vegetable crops is based on NG2.0 technology, and is perfect for use for several growing seasons.

The hydrophilic fiber structure enables the slab to absorb water more easily. The wide control range and evenly distributed water content and EC (in 

the slab and between the slabs mutually) results  in a healthier root system and extra vigour. The Grodan Classic Multi Year slab is the ideal solution for critical growers who want to maximise their crop performance season after season.