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Rockwool Cubes 33mm x 33mm x 40mm - 45 Cubes per Slab

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Rockwool Cubes 33mm x 33mm x 40mm - 45 Cubes per Slab

Rockwool Cubes are used for easy starting of seeds and cuttings giving even root development through out the entire cube. 

Can either fit into the holes of any standard rock wool blocks, can also be used with Aqua Clay, Perlite, Coco fibre mixes and most growing medium

Rockwool is a mineral wool made from molten basalt and limestone rock that is spun into fibres and then compressed into cubes, blocks or slabs. 

Care should be taken when handling rockwool by wearing gloves and mask. The rockwool fibres can cause irritation to the skin, and if breathed in they can also irritate the lungs.

1. Don’t squeeze the Rockwool especially when it’s wet.

2. Always pre-condition Rockwool in pH 5.5 water before using to disolve lime.

3. Pre-soak from 30 seconds to 30 minutes, depending on size of Rockwool.

4. Water only when there’s light - never water in the dark.

5. Optimum room temperature for growing environment is 18.5- 28 for most species. Temperatures above 26.7o C inside the growing media leads to depleted oxygen levels, encouraging root disease.

6. With low light, water with more volume with fewer cycles - and visa versa.

7. Do NOT keep Rockwool sopping wet. lots of algae is a sign of over watering. Minimize watering while plant is young. Too much water prevents root setting which is essential for growing a healthy plant.