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Pulse Multimeda EC/MC meter bluelab

Pulse Multimeda EC/MC meter bluelab

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Pulse Multimeda EC/MC meter bluelab

Introducing Pulse, a new innovation designed and made in NZ by Bluelab. 

The first of its kind in a range that connects directly to your mobile device. Simply and easily spot check moisture, conductivity (a measure of the nutrient salts present in the media) and temperature directly from the root zone, or nutrient solution to allow early identification of results over or under range. Spot check, correct, achieve better yield and grow healthier plants across a wide range of growing media including soil, coco coir, potting mix and nutrient solution. Quickly and easily check multiple plants in one greenhouse.  Automatically sends and stores all your key plant statistics in the Pulse Mobile App available free to download from Google Play store search “Pulse” to download, work with Android 5.1+ with Bluetooth 4.0+. iOS coming soon. No requirement to connect to a computer.


All in one device that measures moisture content, conductivity and temperature •Quick reference visual light indicator on the device to let you know the measurement has been made and if it is in or out of range •Vibrating notification on the mobile device to let know you that measurement was received •Test more in a shorter timeframe with a fast sensor response and direct measurements in a wide range of growing media including soil, nutrient solution, coco coir and potting mix •Two extended prong spear tips with a total of 8” (200 mm)  including the 2” (50 mm) active measurement tips for direct root zone measurements •Handset: 7.5” (190 mm) x 3” (76 mm) •Low battery indicator •1 x AA alkaline battery included • Applications across agriculture, floriculture, container grown plants and greenhouses

Measurement Range:Conductivity 0-15 EC, Moisture Content : 5% - 70% MCvol (mixed media and coir), Temperature 5-40 °C/40-104 °F 

Measurement Accuracy:Conductivity 0.0 - 8.0 EC +/- 0.1EC - 8.0 - 15.0 EC +/- 0.2EC, Moisture Content: +/-5 % MCvol**, Temperature : +/-1 °C or +/-1 °F

Calibration: Single step optional calibration available for moisture content to water holding capacity. 

Probe Length: 200 mm/8"

Probe Separation: 50 mm/2"

Active Tip Length+: 50 mm/2"

Minimum pot size: 2 Litre/0.5 gallon

Power Source: 1 x AA alkaline battery