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Prickle Weedkiller 200ml Yates

Prickle Weedkiller 200ml Yates

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Prickle Weedkiller 200ml Yates

A selective weedkiller for the control of Onehunga weed and a number of other broadleaf weeds in grass lawns.


  • Kills Onehunga weed and other lawn weeds including thistles, plantains, daisies, cape daisy and pennycress.
  • A non-hormonal weedkiller with no activity against grass species.
  • Easy to use measure bottle.

How It Works

Prickle Weedkiller works by contact action on weed foliage, inhibiting photosynthesis.


72g/litre bentazone in the form of a soluble concentrate.

Directions for use

Mix 10ml of Prickle Weedkiller in one litre of water and apply to 5 square metres using a garden sprayer or watering can. It is important to apply the correct amount of Prickle Weedkiller to the area stated. Apply to short, evenly mown lawn in warm conditions when lawn and weeds are growing actively. Do not apply if rain is expected within one day of treatment as effectiveness will be reduced. Avoid spray drift when applying near garden plants. Do not use on Dichondra (Mercury Bay Weed) lawns.