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Potassium Silicate 1 Litre - use 1ml per litre

Potassium Silicate 1 Litre - use 1ml per litre

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Potassium Silicate 1 Litre - use 1ml per litre, Dilute before adding to main reservoir

Potassium silicate is used as a soluble source of potassium and silicon. It makes the growing medium slightly more alkaline and 24 hours after you have dosed your reservoir you should check your reservoir tank pH levels and adjust as required. 

As a supplement Potassium Silicate has numerous benefits, Silicon containing compounds are very valuable to a plant, and serve to support the plant Stem thickeness. The plant also becomes more tolerant to drought and resists wilting, you will get larger leaves and fruit (because the stem can support more weight). The thicker cell walls of the plant also provides an added mechanical resistance to sap sucking insects (Spider Mites) and various pathogenic fungi like Powdery Mildew.

Crops grown with potassium silicate have higher chlorophyll concentrations in their leaves than crops grown without them. More chlorophyll means more power to use the nutrients in its environment to reach its maximum size and production. 

Crops are also healthier for anybody who consumes them. When toxic heavy metals like lead and arsenic are present in a growing environment, they travel up plant roots alongside the nutrients the plants need. Everything the plant takes in ends up in its final product.

Potassium silicate or silica keep heavy metals from reaching crops, by creating a rock solid barrier around plant cell structures.