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Panda Film 3 Metre x 30.4 Metre

Panda Film 3 Metre x 30.4 Metre

  • $120.00

Panda Film 3 Metre x 30.4 Metre

100% light proof - Waterproof

90% light reflective, hard wearing film for lining the walls and floors of greenhouses and grow rooms

Product made to 150 Micron thickness, so very strong product

Made from 100% virgin material

Panda means White on one side, black on the other.

When used in an indoor growroom situation, Panda film can be taped together with heavy duty duct or gaffa tape to fully line the walls, roof and floor of a growroom.

This provides a waterproof lining and has a cooling effect.

When lighting is used the Panda Film reflects all available light back into the crop for maximum energy efficiency.

The waterproofing properties of Panda Film can also prevent ground moisture and soil borne diseases rising from beneath, penetrating the floor and raising the humidity in the growing area.

Panda film can also be used as a basic NFT gully instead of using more expensive rigid PVC gully

Panda Film is commonly used for growing NFT tomatoes, capsicums etc. Simply lay in rows on a gently sloping floor and use a capillary matting, fold the two sides of the film up and around your seedlings and clip them to a horizontal cross wire. The nutrient solution can then be pumped into one end of the row where it flows down towards a catchment reservoir or tank.