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Octa Bubbler 23 Litres per hour

  • $26.00

Octa Bubblers are dynamic pressure compensating water delivery devices that can help distribute a main water line into eight perfectly regulated GPH drip line outlets. Unlike other drip irrigation products, the Octa Bubbler is a self-cleaning and has a built in back flow prevention engineered for added protection.

Colour is Black this model is 23 Litres per hour or 6 Gallons per hour

We recommend a pressure of 150kpa on your system 


  • Self-cleaning to prevent blockages
  • Inbuilt back-flow prevention
  • Variable flow rates for different plant sizes
  • Patented ‘Flow-Control’ technology
  • 8 Outlet self-cleaning, pressure compensating bubbler
  • Wide Pressure compensating range of 1.5 – 4kg/cm2
  • Manufactured with UV & Sunlight resistant, chemical resistant non-corrosive plastic material 
  • 180 degree swivel barbed outlets


Hydroponic systems, Home gardens, landscaping and commercially installed irrigation systems