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Nitro Blue 1.5 Kg

  • $14.00

Nitro Blue 1.5 Kg

The World FAMOUS NPK 12-5-14 all round Garden Fertiliser used by generations of successful gardeners!

Ideal for vegetables, shrubs, trees, flowers including strawberries and more.

What is NPK?

Nitrogen: for thicker, richer, greener foliage growth.
Phosphorous: for superior root development & growth.
Potassium: for better flower bud formation and fruit.
Trace Elements: for better overall plant health.


Many plants including vegetables and fruit are chloride sensitive, leading to reduced crop yields and growth performance. 
Excess Chloride may lead to a reduction of organic acids resulting in a flat tasting crop. Excess Chloride is detrimental to all crops under glass including seedlings and cuttings

  • Safe and easy to use
  • Continuous release of nutrients to feed your garden for up to 3 months
  • Low chlorine nitroblue, better for sensitive plant