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Nature's Way Pyrethrum 200ml Yates

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Nature's Way Pyrethrum 200ml Yates

Controls a wide variety of insect pests on vegetables, flowers and ornamentals.


  • Natural, botanical insecticide derived from the flowers of the pyrethrum daisy.
  • Ideally suited to organic growing programmes where a broad spectrum insecticide with no residue is required.
  • Low toxic.
  • Fast knockdown of pests.
  • Child resistant cap.
  • Easy to use measure bottle.

How It Works

Natures Way Pyrethrum works by contact action. It is rapidly degraded by sunlight, so insects which are not contacted are not controlled. Synthetic insecticides tend to be more persistent, however, Natures Way Pyrethrum controls a broad range of insect pests very quickly and effectively.
Natures Way Pyrethrum contains Pyrethrum flower extracts plus a synergist, piperonyl butoxide. This is added to most Pyrethrum formulations to enhance its activity so that less is required to be effective.


14g/litre Pyrethrins in the form of an emulsifiable concentrate. Also contains 56.5g/litre piperonyl butoxide.

Directions for use

Mix 5ml in one litre of water. Spray plants until all surfaces are covered. Avoid over-wetting plants. Repeat as necessary at 7 day intervals.
NOTE: Do not apply in direct sunlight or when temperature exceeds 32°C. Use with caution on young plants and new growth.


Do not mix with lime sulphur, Bordeaux mixture or other alkaline materials.