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Mighty Growth Enhancer CX 1 Litre

Mighty Growth Enhancer CX 1 Litre

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Mighty Growth Enhancer CX 1 Litre

Use Mighty Growth Enhancer to shorten your veg by days!

A healthy, vigorous growth phase is essential in building the foundations that lead to big yields. Mighty Growth Enhancer increases the leaf size and chlorophyll density of your plants, accelerating their rate of vegetative growth. Additionally, Mighty Growth Enhancer boosts sugar levels and enhances protein production which results in an overall increased production capacity. This increased production capacity leads to a much tougher and more durable plant able to sustain an increased final yield.

  • Increases leaf area, light interception and utilization
  • Increases protein and carbohydrate production
  • Increases vigor during vegetative growth
  • Increases total yield

Directions: Shake well before use. Use 1ml/L during the vegetative period and the first two weeks of the flowering period.


Supercharge your veg by boosting light interception by boosting chlorophyll levels.....you can see Result with a Mighty Grow

Are your plants looking a bit pale? It could mean that they are lacking in chlorophyll which is the plant’s food factory. If they are lacking in chlorophyll then they don’t manufacture as much food as they should and the crop will be smaller than it should be. Low chlorophyll levels mean that light isn’t being used efficiently. This reduces the amount of proteins and amino acids created by the plant which reduces the yield and quality.

Chlorophyll is the plant’s food manufacturing facility. It is reliant on protein production to do its job and protein production is boosted by nitrogen. This element is the most easily lost of all the major plant elements and many plants suffer from what Agronomists call “hidden hunger”. That is, everything looks more or less okay but boosting supply of an element gives a beneficial result. Nitrogen is not always as available as you might think. 

The problem is not only in the amount of nitrogen but also in the form as well as in the amount of other nutrients and non nutrient salts in the solution. For instance, total nitrogen levels should be 55% to 65% higher than calcium. Interestingly chloride (common in tap water) can inhibit the uptake of the nitrate form of nitrogen. Actual nitrogen loss (known as denitrification) can also occur from the nutrient solution, especially in warmer conditions. To further complicate matters the form of the nitrogen required changes from a higher nitrate to a higher ammonium requirement when plants move from the growing stage to the flowering stage. We are, of course, trying to supply our plants a balanced solution around the plant’s roots and this balance changes according to plant uptake. So while the nutrient concentrate might be well balanced at the start, the plant may have made the solution unbalanced. This means that the correct form of nitrogen may not be available according to the plant’s exact needs. 

In twenty litres of freshly made up nutrient solution there is only about 2-6 grams of nitrogen. When you consider how much actual nitrogen there is in the nutrient solution it’s not hard to see how a small amount lost can lead to big changes in availability. By the time the plant 

has taken some up, the biological activity has consumed some and some has been lost through denitrification, it doesn’t take long before there is a serious nitrogen shortage in your system.

How can you correct this problem? Only Mighty grow can do it. Our Hot Mix Technology allows us to sequester the nitrogen, proteins and chlorophyll precursors in solution to make them available only to the plant. A sustained release of nitrogen means that the plant will never be short of this essential element. Your plants will be greener and healthier than ever before