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Magic Botanic Liquid Humate & Fulvic 1 Litre

Magic Botanic Liquid Humate & Fulvic 1 Litre

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Magic Botanic Liquid Humate & Fulvic 1 Litre


MBL ( Humate and Fulvic acid ) is a growth booster for plants, it makes for much bigger root systems, stronger and healthier plants. It is been used with balanced NPK fertilisers to create world record vegetables in America such as 26.7 kg Celery and a 14 kg cauliflower to mention two of many. If you are into growing record breaking vegetables for shows this could be for you.

Benefits may include; Aids and speeds up germination of seeds. Helps to release locked up fertilisers from past applications especially phosphates. Helps increase availability of chemical fertilisers and organic foods for plants. Helps reduce many common plant disease problems. Cleans up many toxic compounds, chemicals and oil spills in soil. Helps to establish plants in areas where they cant or struggle to establish. Stimulates growth of soil micro organisms. Increases root respiration and formation. Increases availability of micro nutrients. Can increase permeability of plant membranes, which will enhance nutrient uptake. Increases vitamin content of plants. Improves seed germination. Accelerates root development. Stimulates plant enzymes.

Contains a number of trace elements such as Si, Mg, S, Mn and more. Increases ability for photosynthesis. Contains silica which strengthens cell walls, helps block disease and regulates cell temperature which increases drought and frost tolerance. Increase pH buffering properties of soil. Retains and releases water soluble fertilisers for plants when needed. Increases soil aeration. Improves soil structure. Makes soil more friable.

Has a capacity to detoxify chemical residues and heavy metals. A powerful, natural chelating agent. Improves taste and shelf-life. Fulvic acid can promote prolonged production, as it tends to delay the aging process. Fulvic acid increases the metabolism of proteins.

Used at the rates of 20ml per litre as a soil drench as required and 10ml per litre as a foliar spray once or twice a month. A must for roses, tomatoes and all vegetable and fruit crops. Green keepers are using it for better turf so onto the lawn for better healthier lawns. If you have brown patches on the lawn where dogs have urinated use MBL to help restore or re-establish grass. Use on your flowering annuals for bigger displays and you will need less plants to fill beds. (with balanced NPK or organic mulches etc)

Whether you use chemical fertilisers or organic preparations, MBL will give you better results and you need to use far less chemical fertilisers and so saving you money. Put it in your weed killers for better results. Can be mixed as a foliage spray with most garden sprays to advantage.