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LED 600w Modular - Grow Light

  • $239.00

  • Save $100

  • Modular LED grow lights deliver maximum PAR output for the power used
  • Veg and Bloom Channels can be switched individually with On and Off switch if required
  • 4 Built-in cooling fans and heat-dissipating composite casing protect against overheating
  • Stainless Hanging set supplied
  • Daisy chain standard 3 pin power outlet on the back of the unit 
  • Dimensions 338mm x 292mm x 75mm
  • Power consumption 270w
  • PPF 1434 . μmol/s at 300mm
  • PPF 675 . μmol/s at 600mm

Blurple LED grow lights produce purple light by mixing red and blue, red makes up 75–90% of the light and blue 10–25%. The light they produce looks purple, hence the term ‘blurple’. Plants need different light spectrums at different growth stages. Plants that have just finished sprouting and are now entering the growing or vegging stage need blue/white light. At flowering and fruiting stages, plants prefer a warmer orangey-red light. Red and blue frequencies of light are generally considered to be the most important for plant growth. The idea behind blurple LED grow lights is that you only focus on the most important light frequencies and forget about the rest. Blurple LED grow lights can be a happy middle ground. While they are not as versatile as full-spectrum grow lights, they are not as expensive either, and they can produce a wider spectrum of light than narrowband grow lights.