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LED 100w Q series Panel - Dimmable full spectrum grow light

  • $219.00

  • Save $50

LED Flat panel quantum board using quality LED Diodes – Chips, providing an ideal light spectrum for all stages of plant growth & flowering 

  • Variable dimmer settings 40w - 60w - 80w - 100w
  • Quality Diodes-Chips with an Efficacy of 2.5 μmol/j
  • LED diodes - chips spectrum 4000k plus 660nm red & 730nm far red 
  • LED diodes quantity 374 - Total PPF 250 μmol/s - Colour rendering 80ra
  • Suitable for areas 600mm x 600mm Flowering plants up to 800mm x 800mm Vegetative growth
  • Passive fin design aluminium heat sink for maximum heat dissipation - no noisy fans
  • Adjustable rope ratchet hangers supplied with unit
  • Recommended minimum mounting height of 150mm above the plant canopy 
  • Unit dimensions 310mm long x 170mm wide x 60mm deep at the highest point, Weight 2.5 Kg
  • Driver Input voltage auto-sensing 100 - 277 volt
  • 1800mm long power lead and plug
  • 50,000 Hour rated life

The Q series of LED grow lights will help you yield larger crops to the highest quality, it also uses at least half the electricity of its HID equivalent, while emitting extremely low levels of heat. Quality 2.8mm x 3.5mm 120 degree beam angle LED diodes - chips providing a superior high lumen output efficient light source. With a colour rendering of 80, while also covering a full natural lighting spectrum of 4000k, 660nm RED and 730nm Far RED.

LED grow lights give you LOWER running costs and more light utilizing the latest LED technology, quality diodes, reliable energy efficient drivers delivering a powerful light output and uniform canopy penetration resulting in maximum growth per watt used.