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House & Garden Soil Starter Kit

  • $269.00

House & Garden Soil Starter Kit 

The House & Garden Starter Kit provides growers with our complete range of base nutrients and stimulants. This is a precisely calculated feeding regime with each unique essential component provided in their specific bottle for seriously impressive results. Using the complete range of H&G Nutrients ensures your plants reach their genetic potential. Prize winning results can be achieved as we have included all required macro and trace elements, enzymes, co-enzymes, amino acids, vitamins and stimulants to achieve those maximum yields!



House & Garden Soil A & B nutrient is a powerful and has been precisely designed to complement and enhance the existing mineral content within the soil, or any soil mixes. We engineered specifically calculated ratios of all required plant nutriment to encourage incredible vegetative and generative growth. A & B Soil is used for soil / peat substrates. A & B Soil nutrient does not contain any bulking agents or cause any unnecessary acidification. Thus ensuring that the soil structure is retained and even improved​

 House & Garden Starter Kit contains:  

1 x 1 Litre H & G Soil Base Nutrients A+B set

1 x 250ml Drip Clean 

1 x 250ml Multizyme 

1 x 250ml Bud XL 

1 x 250ml Nitrogen 

1 x 250ml Top Booster 

1 x 100ml Roots Excelurator 

1 x 100ml Amino Treatment 

2 x Sachet Shooting Powder.