Hellion Double Ended 600w - 750w UHF HPS Lamp - Adjust-A-Wings

  • $105.00

Hellion Double Ended 600w - 750w UHF HPS Lamp - Adjust-A-Wings 

The specially designed Hellion DE-HPS lamp runs perfectly at 450W, 600W and 750W settings with no significant spectral degradation or efficiency loss. Furthermore, the lamps is ready to use straight out of the box and does not require running in or seasoning for 100 hours. 

The UHF Arc tubes in our lamps are made with High Grade Japanese ceramics with the Sodium Amalgam sourced from the USA

Generic DE-HPS lamps can suffer considerable spectral degradation and efficiency losses when running at lower or boosted wattages. The Hellion 600-750W DE-HPS lamp overcomes these limitations through superior engineering and precision tuning to deliver a spectrum rich in orange and red to drive flower and fruit production.

Photon efficiency is over 2.0 µmol / J at both 600W and 750W settings making the Hellion DE-HPS lamp an incredibly efficient horticultural light source.