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Guano 10-10-2 Supergrow 1 Litre

  • $26.00

Guano 10-10-2 Supergrow 1 Litre

Natures Own Guano is natural, organic and highly concentrated plant food. Nature's Own Super Grow Guano is made up of 20% bat manure and 80% seabird manure for best growing results.

Guano is the excrement of bats. As a manure, guano is a highly effective fertiliser. It has been formed slowly over many years to produce a valuable and natural source of plant nutrients and essential trace elements. This simple and remarkable natural garden fertiliser works wonders on every plant from tomatoes and fruit through to roses, lawns and indoor gardens.

For best results use Nature's Own Guano Super Grow when the plants are in full growth and Nature's Own Guano Super Bloom when flowering and fruiting.