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Grow Tent Hulk Silver 800 x 800 x 1800mm

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Grow Tent Hulk Silver 800 x 800 x 1800mm

- 600D Mylar Fabric Strongest material on the market with highly reflective mylar inside, washable inside and outside

- Viewing window front right door 300mm x 300mm with Velcro block out cover.

- 1 x 152mm Inlet with drawstring

- 1 x 152mm Extraction Outlet with drawstring

- 1 x 152mm Cable entry with drawstring

- 2 x 152mm Inlet-Outlets for Air cooled - ducted light fittings with drawstring

- High light proofing

- Easy and quick to assemble  

- Heavy duty tubing allows for the hanging of Lights - Filters or other equipment

- Water proof internal tray

- Strong & durable light proof zip

Grow Tents are an enclosed system for raising plants indoors or in small areas. Grow Tents are used for a number of reasons, including lack of available outdoor space or the desire to grow vegetables, herbs or flowers during cold weather months. They can also help protect plants against pests or disease.

Grow Tents may be soil-based or Hydroponic and usually contain a grow light, intake and exhaust fan with a Carbon filter for ventilation.


Grow Tents are available in a variety of sizes and degrees of complexity with the 2 in 1 versions, Grow Tents can also referred to as grow cabinets, grow boxes and lightproof cabinets.