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Flavor Savior 1 Litre Nutrifield

Flavor Savior 1 Litre Nutrifield

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Flavor Savior is a certified organic-input, fish emulsion-based, all-purpose fertiliser, which contains high levels of minerals, vitamins, proteins, and amino acids.
Fish emulsions are a complex mixture of biostimulants which enhance essential oil production and fruit flavour, and contain high levels of bioavailable nitrogen (N), which supports vigorous plant growth. Flavor Savior is Nutrifield premium foliar spray, to enhance flavour and yield.

Application Rate ml/10L ml/gal
Early Bloom 50 19
Bloom 50 19
Foliar 150 56

Nutrifield Flavor Savior contains nitrogen (N) rich fish extract, which enhances plant strength and relieves stress. Flavor Savior is a general fertiliser, which can be used throughout the entire grow cycle to mediate plant stress when it is needed. Use Flavor Savior during the late flower cycle to ensure that plant energy is focused on flavour production in fruits and flowers.