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Fan Speed Controller 500w

Fan Speed Controller 500w

  • $31.00

Fan Speed Controller 500w On-Off Switch

Can adjust the Fan Speed between 50% and 100%

This Fan Speed Controller makes it simple to manually adjust and slow the running speed of most  types of outlet or inlet fan. The unit is compact, easy to use and there is no wiring necessary. Simply plug the fan controller into the mains and plug your fan into the unit and adjust the dial to regulate the speed of the fan.

At some stage throughout the year you may experience some colder conditions in your grow room with outdoor temperatures being much lower. An easy solution to the problem is to use a fan speed controller to reduce the running speed of your inlet or outlet fan to help maintain warmer temperatures inside your grow room.

You also have the option of purchasing the Growlush Thermo Controller, which simply plugs directly into the Fan Speed Controller. The thermostat can be placed into your plant area and the temperature set. This will regulate the fan with more control, switching it to full speed if the grow room does heat up too much and then reducing the running speed back to the setting you have set on the fan speed controller.


  • Take control of your ventilation air flow and give your plants the right temperature at the right time to ensure maximum yield.
  • Turns your fan on and control the air flow with your requirement of temperature.
  • Designed for 240V 50Hz, 2A or 500watts max.
  • Please Note this controller is suitable for Centrifugal fans but will not be suitable for use with Axial style fans and most standard Mixed Flow fans. If the fan you have already has a variable speed controller this controller can't be used to further control the fan, also EC style fans have their own special controller so this unit will not work with an EC fan, if unsure please check with us first