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Fan 180mm Oscillating 2 Speed Desk - Pole Grip clip

Fan 180mm Oscillating 2 Speed Desk - Pole Grip clip

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Fan 180mm Oscillating 2 Speed Desk - Pole Grip clip 

This fan has a clamp especially made for clipping onto poles in grow tents

- 90 degree oscillation

- 20w Motor 

- Strong spring loaded clip for clipping to things like grow tent poles

Setting up Oscillating fans will help moderate the temperature and humidity in your grow room

You need both an air movement oscillating fan and an air extraction system to keep the air in your grow room fresh

Grow lights emit heat. It might not seem like much to you, but a few degrees in temperature can mean the difference between a successful crop and a less successful one. Certain grow lights emit more heat than others, but all produce enough heat to merit ventilation.

Humidity is another factor that can contribute to problems with indoor growing systems. Plants emit water vapor throughout the day which increases the humidity of your grow room. Uncontrolled humidity leads to poor growing conditions and can result in the development of pests and diseases.

A good ventilation system also wicks away some of the water released during transpiration, allowing your plants to absorb more water and pull up nutrients through their root systems, boosting growth.

Please Note: The power lead powering the fan MUST NOT be stretched or pulled to reach a power supply socket. Also please ensure the Fan is free to oscillate through it’s full 90 Degree swing. If the fan is impeded by an object within it’s rotation area this may cause the internal rotation mechanism to fail and your fan will no longer oscillate.