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EC Pen bluelab

EC Pen bluelab

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EC Pen bluelab

The ultimate handy solution for measuring conductivity

The ultimate handy solution for measuring conductivity The go-to for hand held conductivity meters. The Bluelab® Conductivity Pen simply tells you the amount of nutrient in your solution. Conductivity is automatically compensated with the integrated temperature sensor. Providing a compact, quick and accurate way to measure two key parameters for crop health. Teamed with our Bluelab® pH Pen you have a robust, convenient and accurate measurement system.

0.0 – 10.0 EC, 0 – 100 CF

• Measures conductivity and temperature

• Selectable units for conductivity and temperature

• Shows conductivity scales CF, EC, PPM 500 & PPM 700 at the touch of a button

• Fully waterproof

• Backlit LCD display

• Calibration optional

• Successful 30 day calibration indicator

• Hold reading function

• Low battery indicator

• Auto off function

• Automatic temperature compensation

• 1x AAA replaceable battery included

Packaged Weight: 0.134 kg

Packaged Length: 205 mm 

Packaged Width: 55 mm 

Packaged Height: 32 mm