Diamond Silver 3 Metre x 1.2 Metre Roll - Highly Reflective Film

  • $35.00

Diamond Silver 3 Metre x 1.2 Metre Roll - Highly Reflective Film

Spreads light more evenly and eliminates grow room hot spots

100% light proof, PET coated to protect against corrosion and wear

Reflects 97% of the light

Durable, puncture and tear resistant 

Similar to Mylar Film Diamond silver is a silver light proof diffusion foil, white and silver poly that works in a similar way to a horticultural lighting reflector. This makes a great reflective wall covering that can be used in greenhouses and grow rooms to direct unused light back to the growing space. Diamond Silver is an inexpensive way to boost the efficiency of grow lights. It can easily be mounted with tape.

Light is precious and you will want to maximise usable light from your grow lights. One excellent way of doing this is to use reflective sheeting. Reflective film allows light to be redirected back towards your plants. This is especially important in smaller grow rooms. Plant growth is nearly linear with light intensity and installation of reflective film will increase the light intensity. No more hotspots! In addition to this it is easier to handle and more resistant to creasing than any other reflective sheeting on the market