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Complete Environmental Controller Cooling-Heating-Humidity-CO2 - Pro-Leaf BECC-B2

Complete Environmental Controller Cooling-Heating-Humidity-CO2 - Pro-Leaf BECC-B2

  • $903.00

Complete Environmental Controller - Pro-Leaf BECC-B2 

Precise Temperature, Humidity and CO2 ppm Level Control

Real Time Digital displays

Controls up to four devices Cooling-Heating-Humidity-CO2

Seperate Day & Night Temp set points

Fuzzy Logic ppm up & down control modes

High & Low Temp protection

Accurate amphenol CO2 Sensor with Calibration function 

Humidify & Dehumidify modes

CO2 Range 400 to 2000ppm accurate within +/-100ppm 

Offers complete and professional management of the garden enviroment by coordinating control of CO2, heating, cooling and humidity devices via four 230v standard power outlets. The remote sensor has a 4.5 mete cable monitors temp, relative humidity and CO2 levels in real time. Fuzzy logic operation mode can be activated for ultimate precesion of Co Regulator or Burner set up. The integrated photocell allows seperate day-night temperature and humidity settings. Also offers high andd low temperature protection set points.

Replaces Superpro DDAC-1 

Co2 commonly known as Carbon Dioxide is in the air you’re breathing right now. 

The amount of Co2 in the air we breath is approximately 300-400 ppm which works out to be about 0.03-0.04% You can get great benefits from adding more Co2 to your grow room, most species of plants will benefit from an increase in Co2 to 1200-1500 PPM which is 0.12-0.15% Co2 content in the grow room air.

All plants do need Co2 as part of the process of making energy from light via photosynthesis, without sufficient Co2 your plants will suffer 

Increasing the Co2 levels allows your plants to use more of the available light, which results in increased photosynthesis. Your plants will produce more energy from the same amount of light when extra Co2 is used. In return you will notice faster more vigorous growth resulting in a bigger and better overall yield