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Co2 Digital PPM Controller - Inkbird ICC-500T + S01 Sensor

  • $269.00

Co2 Digital PPM Controller - Inkbird ICC-500T + S01 Sensor

This Co2 controller can be connected to a Co2 gas regulator or Co2 LPG generator and the exhaust fan simultaneously. The socket marked WORK1 is for the Co2 regulator or generator; The socket marked WORK2 is for the exhaust fan.

The programmable controller has adopted the NDIR sensor to get a precise Co2 ppm level, equipped with 2 display windows to display the current measured Co2 concentration value and the set Co2 concentration value simultaneously.

  • Co2 calibration and high/low Co2 concentration alarm
  • Measurement range of 0 to 9,999 PPM
  • NDIR Sensor Working Temperature: 0~50 

Easy to Use: Comes with everything you need to start your Co2 control system, no more complicated installation, the controller will turn on/off the Co2 generator or regulator and the fan automatically according to your settings.

Remote Co2 sensor with a 2 metre cable, accurately monitors the gardens PPM levels and relays this information to the controller for display in real-time

Package Contains:

ICC-500T Controller complete with Co2 Sensor and user Manual

Co2 commonly known as Carbon Dioxide is in the air you’re breathing right now. 

The amount of Co2 in the air we breath is approximately 300-400 ppm which works out to be about 0.03-0.04% You can get great benefits from adding more Co2 to your grow room, most species of plants will benefit from an increase in Co2 to 1200-1500 PPM which is 0.12-0.15% Co2 content in the grow room air.

All plants do need Co2 as part of the process of making energy from light via photosynthesis, without sufficient Co2 your plants will suffer 

Increasing the Co2 levels allows your plants to use more of the available light, which results in increased photosynthesis. Your plants will produce more energy from the same amount of light when extra Co2 is used. In return you will notice faster more vigorous growth resulting in a bigger and better overall yield