Cloner 48 Station Sea Hawk

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Cloner 48 Station Sea Hawk

  • Aeroponic style propagation for Faster root development than conventional propagation methods

  • Automated cloning made easy

The cloner works by misting water to the root zone allowing for a high amount of oxygenated water helping to improve success rate.

Soft top humidity dome which can be folded away when not in use.

Three different colours of neoprene disks to identify different plant varieties and or stages of propagation. 

Comes with a Water pump fitted with a 8 nozzle misting head - 5 spare misting nozzles also included

Unit dimensions 540mm (L) x 420mm (W) x 390mm (H) 

Under testing we have found running 2-4ml per litre of Regen A Root in the reservoir of this unit will speed up and improve your success