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CF Truncheon Standard 0-36 CF bluelab

  • $199.00

CF Truncheon Standard 0-36 CF bluelab

The globally respected conductivity meter, simply brilliant, durable, reliable

Displaying all the conductivity scales EC, CF, PPM 500 & PPM 700 on a single line. Each time you feed your plants it’s essential to know the nutrient levels of your solution. Simply done with the Bluelab® Truncheon® Nutrient Meter. Flashing lights indicate your conductivity reading, which is automatically compensated with the integrated temperature sensor. Removable shroud for easy cleaning. Meter length: 40cm

Useage tip: Don't test the Truncheon Meter in plain tap water with no nutrient formula added to it, the water can be too clean to actually register on the units EC probe so the unit will not power up. Always test with bluelab 27.7 Conductivity test fluid for accurate results.  

• Conductivity range up to 3.6 EC, 36 CF, 1800 ppm 500 and 2520 ppm 700

• Fully waterproof

• Provided with EC, CF, ppm 700 and ppm 500 scales

• Auto on/off function

• No calibration required (factory calibrated)

• Daylight readable blue LEDs, visible in bright or dark environments

• No buttons or switches

• Battery operated (3x AA batteries included)

Packaged Weight: 0.28 kg

Packaged Length: 415 mm 

Packaged Width: 40 mm

Packaged Height: 40 mm