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Boost Accelerator 1 Litre Canna

Boost Accelerator 1 Litre Canna

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Boost Accelerator 1 Litre Canna

THICKER, HARDER FRUITS CANNABOOST is CANNA’s powerful flowering stimulator, specially developed for fast growing plants, it improves quality and increases yields. CANNABOOST stimulates the development of flowers that have formed recently and this can make the fruits fuller than normal. This also results in a more homogeneous harvest because the fruits mature gradually. Something very special about CANNABOOST is that it doesn’t just guarantee higher yields but also better taste. Something extra for the CANNA grower.

SUITABLE FOR EVERY MEDIUM OR SUBSTRATE CANNABOOST is a universal flowering stimulant which means that it can be used in every cultivation system in combination with every kind of nutrient without exception. As well adding CANNABOOST to the nutrient solution, it can also be used as a leaf spray. The advantage of this is that the plant can absorb the flowering stimulant directly through the leaves.

HIGHER YIELDS WHEN USING WITH CANNA PK 13/14 CANNABOOST is not a nutrient, but an additive that increases the plant’s photosynthesis. This increase ensures that the fruits form more quickly. So the availability of nutrients is very important for achieving optimum results with CANNABOOST. CANNA fertilizers guarantee the availability of all the nutrients. Even better results can be achieved if CANNA PK 13/14 is used together with CANNA nutrition. This is because CANNA PK 13/14 provides the plant with extra flowering elements while CANNABOOST ensures that the plant has the energy to be able to utilize these elements.

BETTER MATURING AND PROTECTION As well as the flowering stimulants that ensure that the plant matures to its full potential, CANNABOOST also contains natural flowering regulators that better distribute both the flowering stimulants in the booster itself and the flowering substances and the energy that are naturally available in the plant. This enables the fruits to develop more uniformly and to mature to their full potential. Thanks to the improved energy regulation the plant also has sufficient energy available to resist any pathogens. If energy is missing where it’s needed then disease will often strike just at the moment that it will be disastrous for the harvest.

IMPROVES TASTE These days a good harvest isn’t just judged by the kilos produced. We have already seen this reversal in the cultivation of Dutch tomatoes and cucumbers and this is now also a question for serious growers. Quality is starting to play a more important role and this also is the case with taste. CANNABOOST doesn’t just guarantee a higher yield but also excellent flavour. Increasing photosynthesis greatly increases sugar production in the fruits. This gives a sweeter taste and causes the natural flavours to be produced in higher concentrations. 

User Instructions

  • Shake bottle well before use
  • Dosage: Administer CANNABOOST using a dilution of 1:500 (20 ml per 10 litre of water) from the moment that flowers start to form. For extra flowering strength, dilute 1:250 (40 ml per 10 litre of water)
  • Do not use in combination with products containing hydrogen peroxide (H202)
  • Use diluted solution within 4 days
  • CANNABOOST can be given manually, through drip irrigation or by foliar feeding

Storage, health & safety and other directions

  • Use CANNABOOST in combination with your regular feed
  • Store closed in a dark and frost-proof place
  • Keep out of reach of children