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Blitzem Pellets 500 gram Yates

Blitzem Pellets 500 gram Yates

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Blitzem Pellets 500 gram Yates

Kills snails & slugs by dehydration.


  • Control snails & slugs for up to 5-7 days.
  • Economical control of snails and slugs
  • Contains a bittering agent to help prevent accidental consumption by children and pets.
  • Pellets are mould resistant.
  • Eventually biodegrades into carbon dioxide and water.
  • Easy to apply straight from the pack.

How It Works

This product is a stomach poison which dehydrates snails after they eat the bait. The added taste deterrent is a bittering agent which prevents most cats and dogs from eating the pellets.


15g/kg Metaldehyde

Directions for use

Scatter pellets evenly 5cm apart (20g/square metre) around small seedlings and other plants, wherever slugs and snails are likely to cause damage.

Bait the garden thoroughly at the beginning of each planting season. Repeat as necessary at 7 to 10 day intervals or after heavy rain.


Store away from children and pets.
Do not heap – it is wasteful and easy for domestic pets to collect.
Dogs may find pellets attractive. If eaten, take to vet immediately.
Read all safety directions including rear of pack.
Dispose of empty container safely.

Do not apply Blitzem Pellets to edible plant parts. On pasture withhold stock for 7 days.