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Bio Balancer CX 5 Litre

Bio Balancer CX 5 Litre

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Bio Balancer CX 5 Litre

Bio Balancer is a microbial solution used to activate growing systems while combating root disease by providing food for the beneficial bacteria in your system.

Sterile gardening systems are wide open to attack from predatory micro organisms that when left unchallenged will overrun your system and destroy your crop.Use Bio Balancer in the first instance to tip the balance in your favor by creating and maintaining a population of beneficial micro organisms that will protect your system by stopping the bad guys from taking hold.

  • Biologically activates inert media and growing systems
  • Boosts disease resistance and nutrient uptake
  • Suppresses development of predatory organisms
  • Stimulates blooms of beneficial bacteria

Use Bio Balancer to provide the ultimate food for the beneficial bacteria in your system to ensure you have the best growing conditions for your plants!

Directions: Shake well before use. In run to waste systems use 1ml/L. In recirculating systems use 1ml/ 4 Litres. Use throughout vegetative and flowering period.

Use Bio and increase the beneficial microbes in your system.
When hydroponics was first introduced as a truly commercial proposition back in the mid ‘70s, one of the intriguing things about it was the presumed absence of micro-organisms in the root zone. Every attempt was made to keep the root zone free of these micro-organisms, good or bad. Generally speaking, this method of cropping was successful. There were, however, some spectacular failures with whole crops being wiped out by disease. These disease organisms were also present in other crops but were not having the same effect. What was the difference? Why did one crop succumb and yet others didn’t? 
It was only after extensive research by scientists from many disciplines and different parts of the world that the discovery was made. That discovery revolutionized the understanding of the interrelated effect that micro-organisms have on each other. The scientists found that when there were no microorganisms present in a system, then the first organism to be introduced would dominate that environment. If that introduction were a disease such as Pythium then the result on the crop would be devastating.
It took a long time but the answer has recently been found. It eventually became evident that all the organisms had an effect on each other. It seems that the available food supply is the 
key to the success or otherwise of each of the micro-organisms. When the carbohydrates and other substances exuded by the plant roots favoured the ‘bad’ bugs then these bugs multiplied. When it favoured the ‘good’ bugs they were the ones that thrived.
Now you, the indoor gardener, can take advantage of these findings. CX Hydroponics Bio Balancer has not only a number of ‘good’ bugs but it also supplies the food necessary for the ‘good’ bugs to grow. You can now give nature a helping hand by balancing your hydroponic system. Bio Balancer is suitable for use in either cocopeat or recirculating systems of all types.
Tip the balance your way today and add bio balancer to your system.