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Air Pump 160 Litres Per Hour 1 Outlet - Aquaone Precision 2500

  • $18.00

Air Pump 160 Litre - Hour 1 Outlet - Aquaone Precision 2500

Aqua One Precision Air Pumps have become an institution which the hydroponic trade refuses to let go of. 

Air pumps improve system aeration performance and overall water quality by increasing water flow which helps to eliminate localised build-up of nutrients and additives. This makes for happy and healthy plants.

High quality robust units that have been built to last with near silent operation. Simple diaphragm replacement can be achieved if required

Outlet suits standard 4mm airline tubing

Decide where you are going to position the air pump. Remember the pump must remain accessible for maintenance and avoid placing the pump on a carpeted surface. Where possible place the pump above the reservoir, If this is not possible then ensure that a check valve (sold separately) is fitted to the airline, failure to do so may damage your air pump & void your Guarantee. Ensure the check valve is inserted correctly, they only flow one way. Attach one end of the air line into your air stone and the other into the outlet of your pump.

Ensure the pump is not going to vibrate off what ever surface you place it on.

Remember to arrange a drip loop.

It is essential to replace the air stone regulary every 6 months or when it shows signs of deterioration. If being used in salt water a ceramic air stone is recommended.

Problem solving if the Pump does not work:

Ensure the plug is inserted correctly and the switch is in the on position and also your power outlet does have power and a circuit breaker hasn't been triggered.

If the pump motor is working but there is no air coming out of the pump or the pump is very noisy. Check that the air line is not kinked, Check the air stone and replace if needed. There is a rubber diaphragm inside the pump which may have warn out and may require replacing.

This unit uses 2.5 watts of power

Is it a good idea to aerate the nutrient solution?

Yes, especially when solution temperatures start to rise during the warmer months as warm water can’t retain as much dissolved oxygen as cool water.