Adjust-A-Wings Medium Enforcer c/w Lamp holder 4 Metre Lead and Plug

  • $99.00


The Enforcers are Hygro Internationals new and competitively priced Adjust-A-Wings reflectors and Super Spreaders. They are designed to appeal to the soaring number of gardeners eager to benefit from Hygro’s patented technologies but unable to afford products from within their elite Avenger range. 

So, budget conscious growers, despair no longer because the Adjust-A-Wings Enforcer reflector range has landed. They possess all the essential features of Hygro’s world famous Avenger model reflectors, save for the Super reflective “glass coated” finish and the high end price tag. The finish on the Enforcer Wings is an 83 to 86% reflective film that is guaranteed (for 3 years) not to oxidise, tarnish or delaminate from the high tensile horticultural grade base aluminium. The Enforcers are made by skilled workers to Hygro’s exact dimensions, using carefully selected high quality materials and fittings. They have undergone rigorous trials and quality control testing before baring the Adjust A Wings logo, which they wear with pride ! Try some, put them to the test. We are 100% sure that you will be impressed !!!