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3 in 1 for Lawns 1 Litre

3 in 1 for Lawns 1 Litre

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3 in 1 for Lawns 1 Litre

Wallys 3 in 1 for Lawns consists of Eucalyptus oil and Tea Tree oil along with natural plant foods in the form of manures and seaweed/fish extracts. 

The product is applied at the rate one 1 litre to 25 litres of water to cover 50 square metres of lawn.

(Diluted at the above rate; 200mls to 5 litres of water applied to 10 square metres of lawn)

After application the lawn is further lightly watered with the hose or a sprinkler to wash the oils off the grass and down into the top 6 to 10cm of the lawn. It is there that it does its job.

Ideal for control of Grass Grubs, porina, black beetle grubs, root mealy bugs, nematodes etc. 

Also an excellent spray to use over garden plants for the control of most insects.