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3 in 1 Moisture - pH - Light Meter for Soil & Coco mediums

  • $22.00

Suitable for use in Soil & Coco mediums

This meter has 3 functions Moisture - pH - Lux Light Meter 

Moisture sensor 1-10 soil conditions:
1-3 Dry, 4-7 Neutral, 8-10 Wet
Great for letting you know when to water your plants and when they don't need water

pH indicator large range 3.5 to 8
Basic pH indications: 3.5-6.5 Acidic, 7 Neutral, 7-8 Alkaline 
Great for letting you know where your pH is at so you can adjust as required

Light Lux sensor 0-2000 Lux
Relative light 0-200 lux = Low, 500-1000 lux Normal, 1000-2000 High
Helps with evaluating your light requirements and lamps that are deterioting and need replacing. Remember to measure your light levels at the same distance from the light source everytime you check the levels

How to use;

Wipe probes clean before each use, switch between the 3 modes to the measurement you are looking for. Stick the probe 50mm to 100mm into your growing medium and wait for 10 minutes to get the most accurate measurement. Once you have the answer you wanted from the meter remove from the medium and wipe probes clean.