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19mm Ratchet Clamping Clips

19mm Ratchet Clamping Clips

  • $1.00

19mm Ratchet Clamping Clips

Ratchet Clamps secure polyethylene tube to a wide range of fittings, it always pays to play safe with a clamp on all joins rather than find a loose hose leaking when you don't need it.

  • Smooth edges allow assembly by hand or with pliers.
  • Range of sizes to suit most low density poly tube connections.
  • Sharp serrated teeth provide secure lock and firmly hold tube to fitting.
  • Can be twisted and unclamped if required.
  • UV stabilised materials for long life.

Polypropylene fittings designed to be used in the control, disperse, slow and divert water through any low pressure hydroponic or irrigation system. Can be used with all types of low density poly tubing


Hydroponic systems, Home gardens, landscaping and commercially installed irrigation systems